Frequently asked questions

What is warrior week?

We are a non-profit organization with a primary mission to assist Veteran Marines and Sailors with life-enhancing modifications to their homes and a secondary mission to aid all Veteran's in need. Warrior week started as a single year event, now a tradition in Windham, annually raising over $10,000 while bringing our communities together.

What does Junior Leadership do to help warior week?

Hi! We are Junior Leadership and we are the creaters of setting this whole event up! We have dedicated countless hours to setting up websites, social media, merch, and the event itself to get the town involved in the event! Our class of mainly seniors and and a few juniors have gone to local businesses, got donations, and set up different events for the town to go too like many sporting events!

How can I get Involved?

Your voice matters! Email, call, or DM us with sugestions on how we can improve warior week! Donate! Support! and contribute to a helpful cause to helping wounded Vets! We would also love to see you all at our sporting events and support the cause we are fighting for!

Who is in charge of warrior week?

Jill Bartlett! Jr. Leadership teacher, and wellness teacher! She has been involved with warrior week for ____ years and has been a key role in guiding us to our main goals!